IN2ZONE will design and test a prototype next generation transition zone solution that provides a step-change in track support conditions, thus reducing maintenance interventions.  The new solution will combine the newest existing transition solutions with technological advances from other sectors, including recent advances in material science.  The solution will be holistic, combining multiple advanced technologies to achieve an optimised whole system stiffness.  One aspect of this holistic approach will be the design of new automatic irregularity correcting sleepers, formed from synthetic material, with optimised geometry and stiffness for transition zones.  They will use a new correction system to self-correct vertical track geometry irregularities/faults, meaning maintenance activities are less frequent.  Further, as part of the holistic solution approach, the new sleeper technology will be combined with new advances in ballast stabilisation and soil improvement. This combined solution will result in an optimised whole system stiffness.  Further, the entire solution architecture will be modular to ensure the benefits are realised in minimal time.

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