IP3 will enable a resilient, consistent, cost-efficient, high capacity and attractive European network by delivering operation critical research, development, and innovation for rail infrastructure. This will be achieved by the adoption of a whole system approach linking infrastructure and station design with maintenance actions, asset management and energy management.
IP3 will target the overall Shift2Rail objectives:

  • Enhancing the existing CAPACITY fulfilling user demand of the European rail system;
  • Increasing the RELIABILITY delivering better and consistent quality of service of the European rail system;
  • Reducing the LIFE CYCLE COST (LCC) increasing competitiveness of the European rail system and European rail supply industry.
IP3 will deliver outcomes which will produce a step change in the way that the European rail network is developed and operated, such that the infrastructure will improve the economic viability and attractiveness of the network.

More specifically, IP3 includes the Technical Demonstrator 3.4 - Next Generation Track System:
The ‘Next-Generation Track System’ (TD 3.4) aims to drastically improve the track system, targeting a time range some 40 years beyond the present state of the art. This implies that step changes in performance are to be highly prioritised. The TD process will follow a tightly integrated chain, setting out by initially identifying the long-term needs of the railway and the potential solutions for meeting these.

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