Related Projects

The project will collaborate with all related projects within IP3 and will ensure that the solutions developed are compatible with outcomes from IN2TRACK2, S-CODE and IN2TRACK3.
Together, these projects will contribute to the Shift2Rail work streams as defined in the Multi Annual Action Plan (MAAP):

Work stream 1
Development of next generation track transition zone solutions, taking account of the following:
1.1 Optimised whole system stiffness, in the frame of the technical complementarity with the research and development on enhanced and next generation track technologies carried out in IN2TRACK2
1.2 Development of integrated/embedded condition monitoring solutions, as part of the transition zone design
1.3 Design and materials to provide sustainable, whole system solutions to minimise maintenance interventions, noise and vibration, environmental impact and carbon footprint whilst ensuring system resilience against climate change
1.4 Development of optimum maintenance regimes, to minimise disruption to the operational railway
1.5 System boundaries to extend from the natural sub-soil (i.e., beneath the sub-grade and track formation layers) to the wheel-rail interface

Work stream 2

Development  to  apply  a  CSM-RA  for Hazard  Identification  (HAZID)  and mitigation for all stages of the asset lifecycle, including but not limited to:

    -  utilisation of novel materials
    -  optimised design for reliability
    -  manufacturing techniques
    -  installation methodologies
    -  maintenance requirements
    -  decommissioning

Work stream 3
Development of LCC and RAMS performance models, including a full cost/benefit analysis, with due consideration to all anticipated operational and environmental conditions

Work stream 4

Design and specification for monitoring equipment required to validate the transition zone demonstrator within the IN2TRACK3 project

Work stream 5

Support for integration of the transition zone design  into  the  whole-system  next generation track technical demonstrator developed within IN2TRACK2 and IN2TRACK3. This call shall demonstrate compatibility with the technology demonstrators developed within these projects

Work stream 6

Development of simulation models to support validation of the final transition zone designs for a range of applications, to include the transition between next generation plain line track and existing track construction types:
    -  switch and crossing units
    -  underbridges
    -  other structures, tunnels, etc.

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